The dude just can't seem to make it happen. Sad thing. Also today: the return of Chris Tucker, Neil Patrick Harris gets an interesting gig, and a comedy about politics seems redundant.

Oh dear. FX has canceled their series Terriers, about um... dogs?, after one season. Some people are blaming the somewhat oblique marketing strategy, others the... um... dogs? Who knows. Alls I know is that poor Donal Logue just cannot get a break. Y'know? Dude's been keeping at it like a... um... dog since he was driving that MTV cab, and he's had some success here and there, and he's typically good in everything, and yet... never the big break. So, oh well. Better luck next time, Donal, sincerely. Hollywood can be a sad place sometimes. [Variety]

Neil Patrick Harris has been tapped to host the Video Game Awards on Spike TV, the network for straight dudes. So that could be interesting. Will Harris avoid the obvious element in the room? Or will he acknowledge it in a har-har self-deprecating way? (I hope not.) Not that video games are strictly the provenance of one particular demographic, namely young straight men, except, yeah, they basically are. I'm not saying Harris has to acknowledge ANYTHING, I'm sure he could make sarcastic video game jokes til the cows come home without going into any y'know-type material, but I think the question will certainly be in people's heads and it'll be interesting (not really) to see how it all plays out. I mean, nothing says Spike TV and video games quite like Neil Patrick Harris, right? [THR]

Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis will be directed by Jay Roach in a comedy about warring politicians that's set to come out right in time for the big 2012 elections. So not only are we planning for the actual politicking further and further ahead of time these days, we're planning the movies about the politicking too. But I wonder, do we really need a comedy movie, especially one from absurdists like Ferrell and Galifianakis, about the current state of politics, when the current state of politics is basically making all the depressingly absurd jokes on its own? Joking about the depressingly absurd joke of it all is a depressingly absurd joke in its own right! Ughh. When are politics going to be over? [Deadline]

Showtime has renewed its family comedy Dexter for a sixth season, so good for them. Maybe they have a part for Donal Logue? Hey, let's talk SPOILERS for a minute here. If you haven't watched this current season yet, don't read this. Are you gone? Good. So... What's going to happen? Deb is totally going to find out, isn't she? Isn't she??? It's been about time for a while now, don't you think? And what's going on with the nanny? Anything? It's kind of strange that they'd introduce a new character like that only to have her just be... the nice normal nanny. She probably won't do much this season, but maybe next year? Now that there's going to be a next year? I think so. I'm hoping so. And Julia Stiles. She will... die? Get arrested? Disappear safely once she and Dexter are through with their mission? I think Deb might shoot her somehow, thus becoming the only one that knows her brother's secret. Maybe. Who knows. Tell me what you think. But be discreet! [THR]

Uh oh. You thought he was gone for good, that you'd buried his head separate from the rest of his body and that he would never rise again to terrorize the countryside, but you were wrong. Dead wrong. A spec script called The Rabbit has been purchased by Warner Bros. and it stars... Chris Tucker. Yes the Chris Tucker, the one who became all famous in the '90s from one movie series and then just disappeared with his millions of dollars, never to be seen again. (Because you hunted him down through forests dark and deep and did what needed doing.) But now he's back. And not that he's terrible, he's really not. He was great in The Fifth Element and Jackie Brown and whatnot. It's just that the whole Rush Hour thing was so... Rush Hour. And it's been so long, and we've all grown since, and I just don't know. I just don't know why he's back. I worry this means he spent his tens of millions of dollars already and needs more bones, and that makes me sad. [Deadline]

The Logo Network for gay people has acquired the rights to Be Good Johnny Weir from Sundance, and will produce a second season. Following that, Weir will host the 2012 Video Game Awards. [THR]