Our investigative series on Nicole Kidman's struggle to move her face continues. Last time, feeling had returned to Nicole's chin. But at SoHo's Apple Store this weekend, Our Lady of the Frozen Features struggled mightily. Let us analyze the results.

Kidman was at the Apple Store for a Q&A about Rabbit Hole, a film where she risks nullifying the warranty on her new face by letting it weep real human tears. (Click any image to enlarge.)

Lateral movement remains surprisingly limber; stabbing pain is mild.

Kissy face attempt fails, test subject trapped in Renee Zellweger sour face, instead. Lower-lip restylane seam at Plastic Terror Alert Orange.

Two-degree eyebrow raise wows the crowd. Above the stage, Gepetto strains with effort as he hoists the pair of fishing lines used to move her eyebrows.

"Damn, I think I busted a stitch."

She returns to a safe state of expressionless (comfortable, beautiful!) calm. "Thank god I don't work in a profession that requires me to move this thing." [Images via Getty]