With only one episode left, Dexter is getting down to the nitty-gritty. The walls are closing in on everyone and seemingly every single character is two seconds away from getting murdered. There was a lot to take in this week.

First things first, I finally figured out who Jordan Chase is... he's Sickboy from Trainspotting. So yeah, deal with that. Okay, back to business.

The episode started with Deb hot on Jordan Chase's tail. When she confronted Jordan with her mounting suspician that he might, just might be connected to all of these killings, Jordo pulled the old "You're obsessed with me" defense. That usually takes the 9th graders down a peg, but not Deb. She was undeterred.

When we caught up with Dexter, he and Lumen were plotting to trap Jordan in their own sweet way. I'm glad Dexter's found himself a zombie-bride and all, but the fireworks between these two are bottle rockets at best. To be fair though, they are perfecting the awkward kiss-lean-in-to-face-press. Here they finally discover that they're being secretly taped.

[There was a video here]

Favorite part of that clip is the "Oh. Are we 'bout to DO this?" reaction Dexter gets when he lifts her.

Initially, Dexter suspected the camera was planted by Jordan but upon further investigation, he found that the equipment was traced back to Quinn. Dexter and Lumen searched his apartment for proof. There, Dexter and Lumen found the pictures of the two of them dumping Jordan Chase's bodygaurd's limbs in the ocean. Damnit Quinn, why didn't you throw those away?

How awesome was the "Cat That Hiccups and Farts" shoutout, by the way?

Now Dex was tracking Quinn, which meant he had to leave Lumen alone for ten minutes and you know you can't go doing that.

[There was a video here]

Obviously Lumen fell for that. I have a feeling she's fallen for every single prank ever played on her. Lumen tried to get a hold of Dexter before heading over to Jordan's creapy co-conspirator, but he was already knocked out. See, when staking out the stake out van, Dexter tried to run up on who he thought was Quinn and instead caught a taser to the jugular. That thing must've been cranked up to 10 too because Dexter was out cold. Even "Don't Taze Me Bro" put up more of a fight.

Next thing Dexter knew, he was tied up in the back of that very same van, with the stalker P.I. trying to coax out a confession.

[There was a video here]

I knew he was doing to get out of that, but man was my heart pumping there. Did you guys see when Quinn was jiggling the doorknob there and the drop of blood fell on his boot?

I know I've got a theory on that... what about you guys? Mine is that Dexter's going to pin the P.I.'s murder on Quinn somehow.

Finally, we found Lumen trapped with the maniac that everyone was looking for and things were getting testy.

[There was a video here]

The episode left off with Dexter following a blood trail searching frantically for his round-faced other half, with a crazy ass look in his eyes. That same crazy face he had after he killed that trash-rider in the boat-stop bathroom. Watch out Sickboy, Dexter's a comin' and you know he's using Lumen's Ivory knife to cut your face off.

See you next week for the finale, folks!