When the FBI sent an informant into a California mosque to surveil terror suspects, the plan backfired hilariously. Muslims were so alarmed by his talk of violent Jihad that they reported him to the FBI.

In 2007, the FBI used a convict named Craig Monteilh to infiltrate a mosque in Irvine, California. Seems that he was a bit overzealous in trying to ferret out possible Jihadis: After he suggested to members that they blow up a mall, members of the mosque reported him to the FBI and sought a restraining order because they thought he might be a terrorist. Monteilh now claims he was instructed to entrap one of the men, whose terror case was recently dismissed.

Makes you think twice about the Christmas Tree bomber, to whom the FBI gave materials for a fake car bomb. The FBI sure does love fomenting violent Jihad! Is Osama bin Laden really FBI director Robert Mueller, operating deep, deep undercover? [Washington Post, image of Monteilh via Getty]