Today at Gawker.TV, James Franco weighs the pros and cons of his Oscar hosting duties, Lance Bass gabs with Andy Cohen about other famous TV gays, and Jon Stewart analyzes Sarah Palin's twitter account (and the media's obsession with it.)

Jon Stewart Deconstructs Sarah Palin's Twitter Personality
After Sarah Palin was quoted as saying "I just tweet, that's the way I roll," Jon Stewart felt it necessary to devote a segment to the media's obsession with her twitter acccount. Inside, Jon reads aloud selections from "America's Tweetheart."

James Franco Weighs the Pros and Cons of His Upcoming Gig Hosting the Oscars
After James Franco got the call to host, he "had three days to think about it and then thought—of course." Last night, he discussed the implications of his hosting duties and his chances of winning for 127 Hours.

Will Forte Returns as Jenna Maroney's Mirror Image on 30 Rock
Do you like drag and creepy tip-of-the-tongue kisses? Then you'll love Will Forte's return to television on last night's 30 Rock! Good to see Forte back to playing characters that make us cringe (and laugh).

Andy Cohen Gets Lance Bass to Admit He Dated Real Housewives's Cedric
On last night's Watch What Happened Live, Lance Bass was no match for Andy Cohen's alcohol-fueld round of questioning. He admitted to briefly dating Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Cedric and tried to dodge questions about The A List's annoying Reichen.

Stephen Colbert: Jesus' Ultimate Sacrifice is Having His Birthday on Christmas
Poor Jesus Christ only gets half the presents! This spurs Stephen Colbert to launch his annual "War on War on Christmas," in which he goes after sparring atheist-vs-religious billboards outside the Lincoln Tunnel.