Recently departed IAC chairman Barry Diller only has 57 Facebook friends, mostly CEOs and moguls. He defriended two people yesterday, including one of his pretty boy travel companions, Bryan Fox. But one comely gay made the cut. Meet Arturo Diaz.

Unlike Barry, Arturo is very popular on Facebook with almost 1,000 friends, and he's very open about being a homosexual about town. Many gay club promoters and nightlife personalities are part of his social circle, so we know that Arturo likes to party—or is so cute and makes such an impression that promoters and drag queens can't help but send him a friend request the morning after meeting him out on the town. Based on his pictures, many of which include him shirtless, he also has a fondness for laying around the gayer sections of Fire Island in the summer. As for what Arturo does by day, he's a Stanford grad who works as a publicist at HL Group which specializes in media and marketing for fashion, beauty, and luxury clients.

We wonder how he ever crossed paths with Facebook friend Barry Diller, a notorious closet case who married Diane von Furstenberg years ago and would probably rather be caught dead than at a gay bar or beach. But then again, why go to Fire Island when you can skip around the world in your private jet?

One way that Diller and Arturo may be acquainted: Hamilton South, the founder of HL Group, is on the board of directors of Diane von Furstenberg's fashion company, along with Barry and her two children. But Diller meets tons of young gay men at parties and still has only a handful of Facebook friends—a tiny number for someone who heads a multi-billion dollar media and Internet conglomerate. So what makes Arturo so special? No clue, but considering it only took Diller a day or two to get rid of Bryan Fox after their vacation photos together went public, we're guessing Arturo is about to get the ax and Barry will have one fewer friend in the world.

Photos of Arturo via Facebook below. Click on the photo to expand.

[Photo of Diller via Getty Images]