When David Westin resigned as head of ABC News last September, we never would have guessed that a legendarily overprivileged writer of novels that would become Zac Efron films would be his replacement. Shows how much we know.

The new head of ABC News is Ben Sherwood: former executive producer of Good Morning America, author of The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud, and a Harvard grad and Rhodes scholar who became a legend for being despised by his classmates for his blatant social-climbing and resume-mongering. This excellent Jordan Carr overview of Sherwood's career contains many great anecdotes, though the general opinion on Sherwood is pretty much:

"People were dumbfounded…not simply because he got the Rhodes but because he planned and executed getting the Rhodes. He'd devoted his life to it. When he got it, we lost all hope."

Congratulations, ABC News staffers! Please feel free to start sharing your resentments with us.

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