Have you heard about the thrilling new diet where you inject the urine of pregnant women into your body, with a syringe? One lady lost 43 pounds! Unless it was the accompanying 500-calorie dietary restriction. Nah, probably the pee.

Boston's WCVB-TV did a nifty segment about a local pee diet evangelist who lost weight while injecting herself daily with concentrated pregnant lady pee. She thinks it sped up her metabolism with a hormone called hCG.

[There was a video here]

More impressive than Sheryl Paloni's 43-lb. weight loss: Using the phrase "the proof is in the pudding" to describe a diet without even a hint of humor.

Anyway, the hCG diet resurfaces every few years, and credible doctors agree that it's hogwash. But don't let the reactionary hoopla make you think the people who do it are all crazy: Some people take a milder route, and forgo daily injections for oral formulas. That is, they drink magic potions made out of pee. The thought of which has rendered me unable to finish lunch, so: Success! [WCVB-TV]