Ohh dear. A teacher in Montreal has been suspended after giving her eighth graders a multiple-choice test with sexually explicit questions like whether or not "blacks have bigger penises" for a morals and ethics class. How meta of her?

I mean, maybe the test — which "included questions about anal sex, lesbian encounters and penis sizes" — was the test, y'know? Like was the test itself moral? Intriguing.

Or maybe the kids needed some gritty, no-nonsense (well, some nonsense) sex talk. As the Canadian news media reports, they aren't getting any of that in school otherwise:

Two sexologists contacted by QMI were split about the value of the test.

Julie Pelletier, a Quebec psychotherapist and sex columnist, said the quiz was "inappropriate for the students of that age group."

She says the elimination of sex-ed courses in Quebec has led to teachers taking their own, sometimes ill-advised, initiatives.

But sexologist Jocelyn Robert had a different view. She says the teacher has been convicted prematurely and was only telling teens about sexual issues they're already seeing on the internet and talking about in the schoolyard.

She says that sexual practices like sodomy and fellatio are not foreign to 13-year-olds.

"It's there, it's not anecdotal, it's very known to young people," she told QMI.

"They see it wall to wall on the internet. If we don't talk about it, we're sort of putting our heads in the sand."

Oh good. All of sex ed eliminated. Terrific.

[via BullFightsOnAcid, photo via Shutterstock]