Spectac sex hack Andrea Peyser is a certified expert on landing a man, marrying a man, and pleasing a man. And, now, on making a baby. No matter which way you choose to make a baby, Andrea strenuously disapproves.

Martha Stewart's daughter Alexis has been trying to have a baby with expensive fertility treatments. Andrea disapproves.

Alexis, 45, squandered her baby-making years...That ambivalence cost her upwards of $27,000 — a month! — over the last three years for procedures that left Martha grandchild-less. And the rest of us relieved.

So Alexis decided to hire a surrogate mother. Andrea disapproves.

After wasting hundreds of thousands on unsuccessful fertility treatments — and thumbing her nose at donor eggs and adoption — Alexis is going the Frankenstein route.

She's in favor of adoption, right? Well, that makes you a horrible person.

But rather than taking the path of fellow egotists, from Angelina Jolie to Madonna, and adopting a parentless child (or, in the case of Madonna, a kid that's just poor), Alexis got stubborn.

The only baby-making method of which Andrea approves is hot sexxxy teens tapping that. Disapproves, we mean. Disapproves.