Eager for work in the financial industry, an MBA student fired off a PowerPoint presentation entitled "9 Reasons Why You SHOULD Hire Me As Your Investment Banking Analyst." And, because, "Passion Is Business," she reportedly landed several interviews.

Dealbreaker claims the intrepid applicant in question is now interviewing at "several" investment banks after emailing an 11-page PowerPoint presentation about how "smart" and "multi task" she is. She boasts a 3.89 GPA and prior employment at Price Waterhouse Coopers and Lockheed Martin.

As you read this bold banker's PowerPoint C.V., you may laugh. You may cry. You may tear your hair and beat your forehead. How, you may ask yourself, in the middle of a recession, when I am stuck in a dead-end job that pays next to nothing, can such a ludicrous stunt grab the attention of Wall Street hiring managers?

But I urge you to feel not horror as you read this PowerPoint, but hope: No matter how clueless your sense of self or how many times you forget to put verbs in your sentences, there is a place for you in this great land of ours, too. And it might be on Wall Street, with an awesome signing bonus!

To her credit, "Regional Prize in Math in high school" tends to open doors. This lady is so clueless, it's almost charming. I would hire her in a second, as long as I didn't have to communicate or work with her ever again. Read the whole thing at Dealbreaker. It is a triumph of naiveté.