Is this Maureen Dowd comic book awesome (superhero journalist!) or offensive (she's, uh, naked)? I'm leaning toward awesome.

Benjamin Marra is a professional illustrator. He's even worked for The New York Times, which sort of makes him Mo Dowd's co-worker! This means The Incredibly Fantastic Adventures of Maureen Dowd (A Word of Fiction and Satire) will either be a great or terrible conversation piece at the company Christmas party.

(On the scale of vaguely offensive sexual characterizations of fictionalized famous females, is this better or worse than Maureen Dowd's Hillary Clinton as a dominatrix?)

Marra's comic book dramatizes our flame-haired heroine's role in the 2003 Valerie Plame affair. MoDo discusses journalist ethics, gets in Blackberry screaming matches, defies gun-wielding intruders who want to steal her laptop and hush up her columns…

…and flirts with Tom Friedman en route to a date with George Clooney. Such is the impossible fabulousness of being a D.C. wonk.

As a fellow Maureen employed in the highly glamorous subsection of journalism (redheaded stepchild of journalism?) known as "blogging," take it from me: Reality is just like this. Come to think of it, Tom Friedman looks a little like Brian Moylan in that last panel.

The Incredibly Fantastic Adventures of Maureen Dowd (A Work of Satire and Fiction) is available for purchase at this website, more excerpts at Marra's blog. [Robot6 via NYMag]