[There was a video here]

How did Vogue boss of bosses Anna Wintour spend her Thanksgiving? In Shanghai, being thankful that she's so famous that a tipster sent us video of her all the way from China.

Our Thanksgiving stalker writes:

How did Anna Wintour spend her Thanksgiving morning? Why at the Shanghai Museum of course. I was walking around their porcelain exhibit with my dad, when I recognize the Bob standing next to me. She's wearing a blue dress with boots, sunglasses in hand. She is accompanied by one male assistant and two female assistants. Someone with the museum is giving her a private tour, the only person I saw getting one. The whole operations is low key. My dad later said he wouldn't have noticed anything about her unless I had pointed it out.

I follow her around and discreetly take pictures of her. I was wearing a Gap v-neck with a toothpaste stain on it so in no way acceptable to approach her. Also, I was hoping that without her knowing she was being watched, she'd fall or something. I lose her for a bit, but I see her exiting the jade exhibit later. As she slips on The Glasses, she notices me staring at her. Whoops. She walks to the escalator with her entourage, and I take a video of her going down the four flights.

The video's pretty grainy, but it sure does look like her. Don't thank us, Anna—thank the institution of celebrity!