Parents: Did you already get Junior that $0.99 lead-enriched plastic coal lump for this year's Christmas present during the maniacal "Black Friday" stampede? Morons! You should've ponied up for "Resisting the Green Dragon," the Religious Right's anti-environmentalist DVD series.

The Green Dragon is what a "who's who" of Religious Right leaders — including the American Family Association's unimaginably terrible Bryan Fischer and the Family Research Council's very sympathetic Tony Perkins — have dubbed the environmentalist movement. It is a secret liberal death monster trying to seduce your children with pretty talk about "saving the world" when all it really wants to do is molest/kill your children, or at the very least force them to worship the environment as their new God. Intrigued? You can buy this 12-part motherfucking scam on DVD for $49.95. Or you can just watch this gaudy trailer and jump off a few buildings:

[via Tapped]