Another day, another Italian prostitute telling stories about Silvio Berlusconi's sex life. The latest lass claims she earned €10,000 ($13,000) for two nights of "bunga-bunga" bliss, then explains exactly how she got into the Berlusconi orgy business.

28-year-old prostitute and aspiring "television showgirl" (that's European for "fameball") Nadia Macri is back! She first surfaced with claims that she merely attended Berlusconi's parties. This time around, she explicitly says she got paid for sex—and explains how you, too, can sell yourself on the Berlusconi sex market:

1. Go to Italy. Stand Around Looking Hot. Quoth Nadia: "I was in a car one night in Milan when I stopped at a traffic light. A man stopped me, he was in his 30s and he was a good looking guy and we started talking. He asked if we could talk so we did and he said did I want to make some money by meeting important people. He said I could earn €5,000 ($6600) by meeting important people like the Prime Minister.''

2. Use Berlusconi's Secretary as Your Madame. "I gave my number to Berlusconi's secretary, I can't remember her name, she was his organiser and she said I would be called again. I was called on my mobile by Berlusconi."

3. Suppress Giggles When Silvio Gets Corny. "He said 'I am the dream of Italians' I said, 'who is this ?' and he said 'It's the Prime Minister of Italy.' It was a beautiful moment to get to know him."

4. Try Not to Barf When You See How Young the Other Girls Are. "The girls were young and it didn't sit easy with me. It reminded me of the Noemi [Letizia, the teen daughter figure-turned-sex partner at the center of his divorce] episode and I remember thinking so there are young girls."

5. Wait Your Turn. At one party, "girls had queued up for him" in the swimming pool. Once you're in, it's just a matter of time. Sit back, relax, and enjoy some of the "grass available in all rooms" of Berlusconi's pleasure palace. He'll get to you soon enough. [Telegraph, image via Nadia Macri's Facebook page]