Barbara Walters' annual televised celebrity kiss fest, "Most Fascinating People," has anointed this year's chosen ones. As tends to be the case with objects of popular fascination, most of them are scourges of the earth. Let us rate Babs' choices.

ABC has yet to release the complete list, but here's what we've got so far:

  • Justin Bieber (scourge)
  • Jennifer Lopez (scourge)
  • Sarah Palin (scourge)
  • LeBron James (meh)
  • Sandra Bullock (meh)
  • Kate Middleton (kinda interesting!)
  • Betty White (kinda interesting in 2009)
  • The cast of Jersey Shore (scourge*)

Who will fill out the last two spots? Not Oprah, because she's getting her own hour-long Barbara Walters interview special. Bristol Palin would be interesting and a scourge (double points!) but Babs already filled her Palin quotient. George W. Bush has a book to promote. Taylor Swift could be a "meh," but my wildcard "interesting" pick is Lt. Dan Choi.

Join the wild speculation in the comments, because there ain't no kiss fest like a Barbara Walters kiss fest, where the celebrities always cry. [AP, Gossip Cop, image via AP]

* Note: Whether Jersey Shore is a blessing or a scourge draws dissent within the Gawker ranks. MTV's oranged gremlins of classlessness are blessings, yes, but only because they are purposeful scourges, the appointed jesters in our court of royal celebrity. So if they interact with Kate Middleton on Barbara's set, they will be upgraded to "interesting." Until then, "scourge."