A (now-removed) note on the German magazine Der Spiegel's website strongly suggests secret-sharing website Wikileaks' latest leak, comprising thousands of confidential U.S. diplomatic cables, will be released at around 4:30pm EST tomorrow.

Update: Here's a preview of the contents that appeared briefly on Der Spiegel's website, via Wikileaks Central:

  • Included are 251,287 cables and 8,000 diplomatic directives
  • One cable dates back to 1966, but most are newer than 2004
  • 9,005 documents date from the first two months of 2010

About half of the documents are unclassified, 40.5 percent are "confidential" and six percent—15,652 documents—are classified as "secret." There are no "top secret" documents in the cache, according to Der Spiegel.

We feel like kids on Christmas morning!