As far as we can tell, nobody died yesterday in Black Friday madness. But this guy got trampled at a Buffalo, New York Target store. He attempted to continue his hunt for bargains, only to collapse from the pain.

From WIVB:

As people rushed in to gobble up the sale items, one of the shoppers, Keith Krantz, had gotten pinned against a metal door support and then shoved from behind to the ground. He began screaming out in pain as shoppers stepped over, around, and on him. Shoppers went about their business as Keith began feeling his life might end at the Target doorway.

"At that moment, I was thinking I don't want to die here on the ground. That's exactly what I thought," said Keith

Keith staggered off to the television section, where he collapsed. Paramedics were called and Keith was hauled off to the hospital for X-rays and CAT scans, but he's doing fine. Target management says the company will cover all his medical bills.

He may have missed his chance to snag a 1/2-price flatscreen TV, but Keith got a wicked Black Friday bargain on the hottest holiday gift of them all: Life.