As soon as news broke last week that veteran Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen had been gunned down in her car in Beverly Hills for no apparent reason, the conspiracy theories began. Finally, Page Six has said hell, let's print some.

You don't have to be much of a wild-eyed conspiracy theorist to think that a 64-year-old Hollywood professional being shot to death (but not robbed) on the streets of a city with no murders last year is a suspicious thing. Still, outside of a vague report that the shooting was "planned in advance," clues in the case have so far been scant. Still, for what it's worth, here are the Page Six conspiracy theories of the moment:

  • "One theory is that somebody close to Ronni had substantial gambling debts of up to half a million dollars, and she was being chased for the money. She was tough and refused to pay up, and so paid the ultimate price."
  • "Another theory is that it was a Russian mob killing, linked to investors on one of her many movies who were not satisfied with its performance,."
  • "An art deal gone wrong."
  • "Jealousy over her successful Oscar campaigns."
  • "A gang initiation."

Considering the fact that these are the same conspiracy theories that 100% of the people who know nothing about this case except what they read in the paper came up with, we're not putting too much stock in them just yet. The fact is, Chasen's killing is still a mystery. Though if you know anything, you should, of course, email us.

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