Today at Gawker.TV, Johnny Weir performs a tribute to Gaga on Skating With the Stars, SNL's Jay Pharoah reveals his Obama impression, Conan talks Gary Busey with his blimp, HIMYM's Happy Blitzgiving, and Tom Felton shares Harry Potter-themed come-ons.

SNL's Jay Pharoah Debuts His Obama Impression
First-year featured SNL cast member Jay Pharoah is best known for his impressions, if that hasn't been obvious to viewers already. Upon his arrival, many debated whether he would take the Obama impersonation mantle from Fred Armisen. Watch! Should he?

How I Met Your Mother and the Curse of the Blitz
Last night on How I Met Your Mother, the gang celebrated Thanksgiving with a few extra friends: Lost's Jorge Garcia, Jennifer Morrison, and a mysterious "Wang Guy." There were Lost references! Ferris Bueller references! The mysterious curse of the Blitz!

Conan Uses His Blimp to Stalk Gary Busey
When Conan realized that he was in Hollywood with a giant blimp at his disposal, he decided he should stalk Gary Busey with it. And why not? What other target would react in such a way?

Draco Malfoy Fans Want to "Slytherin" to Bed with Tom Felton (And Other Harry Potter Innuendos)
Tom Felton appeared on Lopez Tonight and shared with us his favorite Harry Potter innuendos...including a few Tweet-worthy pick-up lines. All to the soundtrack of shrill whooping of fans in the audience—who doesn't love a bad boy?

Watch Johnny Weir's Ode to Lady Gaga on Skating with the Stars
No one ate shit during the Skating with the Stars premiere last night (even Mötley Crüe on Ice Vince Neil stayed upright). But let's meet judge Johnny Weir, two time Olympian and total Gaga-head. Weir's ode to "Poker Face," inside.