In your traditional Tuesday media column: a new racket for News Corp, a new editor at Men's Journal, a new features editor at the NY Daily News, a new name for Medill J-school

  • Joel Klein was only the beginning: News Corp has paid $360 million for control of Wireless Generation, a company that "provides education technology for teachers." Get ready for News Corp to become involved in the US education system in a big way—almost as big as Christians, and Palinites, and union-hating... well, all the same shit. Anyhow, lots of money to be had, selling shit to your crumbling schools.
  • We hear that Bob Heisler is the new features editor at the New York Daily News, replacing the recently departed (and much loathed) Orla Healy.
  • Keith Kelly reports that Rolling Stone veteran Jason Fine is the new editor of Men's Journal, replacing Brad Weiners, who was canned last week. You know that's a shame because Men's Journal is actually a very decent magazine.
  • The Medill School of Journalism is now The Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications. End of an era, how things change, cliche, grumble, reminisce, etc.

[Photo via AP]