Today at Gawker.TV, Mark Wahlberg recalls the time he gouged a man's eye out, Bill Maher on Family Guy, highlights from The Soup, Kim Zolciak performs her auto-tuned single "Google Me" and The Simpsons says Fox News is "#1 with racists."

Bill Maher, Arianna Huffington and Dana Gould Trash Brian's Book on Family Guy
In this live-action cringe-fest, beloved canine Brian makes an appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher to promote his atrocious book. Unfortunately, Brian gets excused from the set, but not before he relieves his bladder right at the table.

The Soup Weighs in on The Bristol Palin/DWTS Controversy
The Soup was on fire this week. Inside, Joel McHale pokes fun at Bristol Palin, Billy Bush, Regis Philbin, Taylor Momsen's Shake N Bake commercial, The Fashion Show's Calvin, MTV's Moving In, and George W. Bush's Fox and Friends interview.

Kim Zolciak Performs "Google Me" on Watch What Happens Live
Like the many Real Housewives before her, Kim Zolciak took to the Bravo Clubhouse to perform a live rendition of her new 'hit single.' You are correct in your concern for a live performance of a highly auto-tuned song.

Last Night's Simpsons Was Even More Anti-Republican Than Usual
Even in a climate where somehow more people are missing Dick Cheney having power, a show with broad appeal like The Simpsons can pull no punches in accusing him of straight up evil. This and Fox News hilarity inside.

Mark Wahlberg Recalls That Time He Gouged a Man's Eye Out with a Stick
Last night on 60 Minutes Mark Wahlberg took us on a tour of his hometown of Dorchester, Mass., recounting a beer-run gone horribly wrong and his rise from behind bars to the upper echelons of the Funky Bunch.