Here's a trailer for Source Code, the sci-fi thriller from the director of Moon about a device that allows a military man (Jake) to enter the body of someone else for the last eight minutes of their life. Sure, OK.

So it's unclear whether he actually goes back in time and can affect things or if he's just reliving memory or something, but it seems to be the former, has he gets a boner for Michelle Monaghan and wants to save her from dying on a train, so I guess he can do that? Who knows. Jeffrey Wright and Vera Farmiga, good actors both, are in this as well, playing the military suits running the Source Code show.

Judging from these two and a half minutes, it looks as though this movie will be a Richard Kellyian adventure in Could Be Great, Could Be Muddied And Awful. Right now I'm going to go with awful, but everyone loved Moon so hard, so maybe this fellow (Duncan Jones) will repeat. But yeah, basically the appeal is that if you're a dude that dies on a train, you are one lucky SOB, because Jake Gyllenhaal is allll up in you.