Last week, the Daily Show mocked the town of Bayonne, New Jersey, in a spoof of Sarah Palin's Alaska. Jason Jones' Bayonne featured Daily Show correspondent Jason Jones taking in the city's Russian hookers and industrial wasteland. Bayonne is pissed.
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(The Bayonne bit starts at around 5:00.)

From the Jersey Journal:

Russian prostitutes fighting in the street. A guy shooting a cat as he chases it. It's a normal day in "Jason Jones' Bayonne, New Jersey," a "Daily Show with Jon Stewart" spoof on "Sarah Palin's Alaska."

But Bayonne's Mayor Mark Smith is not laughing, and yesterday blasted the comedy piece, which aired Wednesday night.

"Jon Stewart's unfortunate and inaccurate depiction of Bayonne on the Daily Show earlier this week represents a lame attempt at humor at the expense of a rock solid, all-American community," Smith said.

The comments on the Jersey Journal article are very... Jersey:

no one actually watches jon stewart, he is irrelevant.

Stop complaining. Bayonne is on the map!

Yeah, the map of Superfund clean-up sites.

And there's a poll: "Do Jon Stewart and 'The Daily Show' owe Bayonne an apology?" 70% say "No." Maybe this says something about the accuracy of the piece?

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