Today at Gawker.TV, Jesse Eisenberg is a major geek with cats, The League coins the term "vinegar sauce", Community's violent mystery episode, Tony Danza berates the local news, and Craig Ferguson and Jeff Goldblum compare penises.

Jesse Eisenberg Resents His Title of "Sexiest Geek Alive"
If Jesse Eisenberg and Michael Cera are battling for the title of "Most Awkward Young Hollywood Actor," Jesse might have just won. On Conan, he shared stories of his cats, geekery, and social ineptness. We just want to hug him.

Community: Jeff and Annie Shoot 'Em Up
Last night's episode of Community provided a mystery for Jeff and Annie to figure out: Jeff lies about a 1-credit course and a man with a "Professor Professorson" ID comes to the rescue. Kinda. Brace yourselves for guns a 'blazin!

When Tony Danza Berated the Local News, Unaware of the Camera Rolling
As they were setting up to conduct an interview, Tony Danza lamented about the stupidity of local news. Luckily the camera was rolling, and when they finally fixed their technical issues, Danza was friendly confronted about it on air.

Jeff Goldblum and Craig Ferguson Have Raunchy Discussion About Their Penises
On the Late Late Show, guest Jeff Goldblum mentioned Craig Ferguson's uncircumcised penis, leading to a counter-question from Ferguson about Goldblum's penis. The naughty conversation leads to Ferguson exclaiming, "Take that, Leno!"

Find Out About The Power of "Vinegar Strokes" on The League
The League reveals another Seinfeld-worthy term to be used in everyday parlance, if not in mixed company. Check it out, and work it gradually into your most NSFW of conversations.