After Rep. Charlie Rangel was recommended for formal censure yesterday, he glumly headed down the hall, chastened, alone, and talking to no one. Who would cheer him up? House Tea Party Caucus founder Rep. Michele Bachmann, strangely enough!

Members of Congress across the political spectrum — and Michele Bachmann and Charlie Rangel are really, really far apart, politically! — probably feel a twinge of solidarity when one of their colleagues is formally charged with ethics violations, since they're all probably guilty of the same shit but haven't been called out yet. Isn't it sweet, how they all look out for each other in private while all blaming each other for America's destruction in public? No, it's not sweet at all, but interesting nevertheless:

As he swept down the hallway, Rangel went nearly unnoticed, and he appeared happy to avoid reporters.

But halfway down the sixty foot long room, he passed Bachmann, who was busy giving an interview.

Bachmann paused her conversation when she saw Rangel approaching. Rangel slowed down, and Bachmann put her hand on his shoulder. "Hi Charlie," she said softly.

The Hill doesn't report Rangel's reaction. Did he go in for the smooch, or did he just yell back "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU LADY?" Let's assume both, in that order.

[Image via AP]