When we reported on the Minnesota couple who are putting their abortion up to an Internet vote, we wondered whether it was a pro-life stunt. The couple claim to have no agenda, but what's with the husband's anti-abortion Internet history?

As our friends at Jezebel pointed out, there's evidence suggesting that the husband, Pete Arnold, is decidedly pro-life. From the Blog of the Moderate Left:

Pierre "Pete" Arnold III also used to be a "researcher, contributor, and part time producer for the Race to the Right radio show in St Cloud." He blogged at Always Right, Usually Correct, which had a hard anti-choice bent. He used the aliases "The Pete" and "Zeeboid" - indeed, the latter is both a domain he owns and the userid for his gmail account - but it's not that hard to track down.

One of the things Arnold did under his handle is change the definition of "pro-choice" in a Daily Kos Wikipedia entry to:

The term "pro-choice" is used by men and women who support a woman's right to kill an unborn child.

The term means that a woman has the right to determine whether or not she will be pregnant by killing a baby that has already been conceived.

Also Refered to as Pro Abortion

So, yeah, this whole thing is probably a pro-life prank to some extent: If the vote turns out to be in favor of having an abortion, the Arnolds could suddenly see the light and realize that all life is precious or something. If the vote comes out in favor of keeping the kid, it's proof that most people are pro-life. (The poll currently sits at 80 percent for birth—just a few more days left to vote!)

The real punchline will come when the Arnolds explain to their kid how they used his birth to make a pathetically confused political point.

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