The Harvard Republican Club is mired in an election-fixing scandal of a deviousness not seen since the heyday of ACORN. The charge: a sinister plot by one candidate to lure voters away from the polls. The bait: McKinsey. Ooooo, Mckinsey!

The Crimson reports that Michael McLean was elected president of the Harvard Republican Club yesterday after his opponent, Luis Martinez, dropped out of the race. McLean charge Martinez with sending a fake email purporting to be from superawesome consulting firm McKinsey, designed to lure HRC voters off-campus—at the same time voting was being held.

Several Harvard undergraduates, including several members of the HRC, received an e-mail from on Saturday night, inviting them to a "private reception" at MIT on Thursday at 8 p.m. The message was signed "Alex J. Michaelson, McKinsey & Company."

The e-mail also mentioned the opportunity to sign up for "one of 25 exclusive fast-track interview slots, available only to those who attend our event."

The first clue might have been that if one Googles "Alex J. Michaelson McKinsey," nothing comes up except Crimson articles about this very scandal. But you can't blame the kids—waving a McKinsey gig in front of Harvard College Republicans is like waving a crack salad with crack dressing in front of a crackhead.

We can only hope that the Harvard Republican Club can one day get the taste of taint out of its mouth.

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