This week on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Camille Grammer spit out some intense smack talk about Kyle...and her husband?

Camille had some choice words about Kyle (because of the alleged remarks Kyle may have made) but definitely stooped a little low when she brought Mauricio, Mauricio's job, and Mauricio's social status into things.

Also, how convenient that Camille is reading The Art of War while she waited for Nick to come over. Is that why words like eviscerate and pernicious kept getting thrown around?

[There was a video here]

From what we can see, Mauricio is not only a super hot dad...but a good dad. Who cares if he is a realtor! Who cares what he does? Looks like they're doing pretty well, and as a family Kyle and Mauricio are seemingly happy, normal, and well adjusted.

On a lighter note, Taylor's husband is pretty hilarious when faced with spending the weekend with their daughter.

[There was a video here]