Here are a couple of pundits on Fox News Watch, trashing fellow Fox News commentator Sarah Palin's reality show during a commercial break. Conservative columnist Liz Trotta and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Judith Miller do not like the show at all!

We're not surprised at Judith Miller's animosity, seeing as had a long career with the the lamest of the lamestream media, The New York Times. But Liz Trotta is the conservative former Washington Times editor who once joked about killing Barack Obama. She approvingly quoted New York Times Television critic Alessandra Stanley, saying: "Alessandra Stanley had the best line. She said the new show is like 'the sound of music,' without the Nazis, without the romance, and without the music."

Meanwhile the three guys are just sitting there akwardly, mentally loosening their collars and saying to themselves, "Whoo boy, I sure hope this doesn't get posted to the Internet."

[via Cynner]