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It is against my gay nature to speak ill of Cher, but since she's been on a media tour promoting her impending schlockfest Burlesque, she just sounds like an old. That's not going to sell tickets, Cher!

First she keeps prattling on and on about how hard her son Chaz' gender reassignment surgery was on her. Yes, we can imagine that it's difficult, but not being accepting is so last generation! And now she's spouting off to Nightline about how she abhors John & Kate Plus 8, doesn't know anything about the Kardashians, and thinks Snooki is "unimpressive." Well, Cher, we share your opinions on all three of those things, just don't try to sound like you're above it. That's not cool! We would say that you need to have your hip replaced, but at your age, that pun just isn't funny.