Oh Fox & Friends, you never fail us. Recently, lemon-scented floor mop Gretchen Carlson invited a little boy and his father on to discuss the child's near-death experience and how, the kid claims, he went to heaven and saw God.

So this is on a news program! Well, OK, it's on a news channel. Really, Fox & Friends is more like a talent show down at the halfway home, but it is on a channel devoted to news. Heaven! And God being a "very, very big person." That's what little Colton Burpo (yuppp) claims anyway. He also says that Jesus, a Palestinian Jew, is up there rockin' "sea-blue eyes." (And "a smile that lights up the heavens." This kid doesn't sound coached at all!) Gretchen nods and smiles and somewhere, spontaneously, a Stanford degree bursts into flames.

[via Videogum]