In your packed Thursday media column: Jeff Bewkes hides in plain sight, News Corp's looking to poach from the NYDN, the decline of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, AMI's bankrupt, and Vice comes to MTV.

  • What does Time Warner CEO and media mogul exemplar Jeff Bewkes think about media moguls these days? "We're not moguls anymore...We're reasonable people." Sure, sure. "I think we're in the era of global corporations. The old era of the media mogul were about powerful personalities, they created stars and that fueled their power. It's now big companies [like Apple and Google] that are the stars," he said yesterday. Yea everyone stop paying attention to the global corporation called TIME WARNER, Jeff Bewkes would LOVE that. We're onto you, Bewkes, you fucker.
  • We hear that News Corp has approached "some of the best known bylines" at the NY Daily News to try to lure them over to News Corp's new iPad project, The Daily. If they do manage to poach some NYDN stars—which, we hear, is a distinct possibility—it would be a nice little F.U. to the Post's crosstown rival.
  • The decimated Atlanta Journal-Constitution has packed up, moved out to the suburbs, and is catering to its suburban readership by (among other things) banning the word "sprawl," according to a Creative Loafing feature on the shitshow the AJC's become. "Sprawl" is a word that describes the majority of the Atlanta metropolitan area. Particularly the suburbs, which is ironic!
  • In a long-expected and thoroughly anticipated move, National Enquirer publisher AMI has filed for bankruptcy. Or, as the New York Post puts it, "Kerpow! Prepack for AMI. Debt relief belief." That's good energy.
  • Vice has a new sort of, ehhhh... "Docu-series" show coming to MTV called The Vice Guide to Everything. Looks pretty good but considering the venue it may be interpreted more as Jackass Part Eleventy than as Hunter Thompson For a Modern Media Age.

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