In our little list about how to breeze through airport security we forgot to include one very important point: Do not punch a TSA officer in the chest, even as a joke. Damn—we're too late.

John Christina, a joker, was just joshing when he went through the scanning machine in Indianapolis today, came out the other side, and asked the TSA officer about all these security procedures. When the officer didn't provide a satisfactory answer, Christina played a funny joke:

Christina then punched the officer in the chest, police said. The officer, who is normally assigned to the Dayton, Ohio, airport, asked Christina why he punched him.

"I was only kidding with you," Christina replied.

Hahahahah. That is so worth it (the jail, and everything). But yea, we'll definitely include that situation in our next airport guide. Sorry, John Christina. Our bad. [WaPo]