The gay conservative group GOProud, fresh off of warning Republicans to avoid playing up social issues in the next election cycle, has now come to the support of 16-year-old Willow Palin for calling someone a "faggot" on Facebook.

GOProud is a group of very right-wing gay conservatives, many of whom broke a couple of years ago from the traditionally do-nothing Log Cabin Republicans (who have since been quite successful!) They organized just in time to catch the conservative movement's Tea Party wave in the last election cycle and have won a fair amount of press since — most notably for their masochistic decision to let Ann Coulter insult them all in a speech at September's "Homocon" party.

Now — days after their well-circulated (and comically received) letter to new Republican leaders to avoid playing up social issues when there are so many economic and government spending problems to work with — they're defending Willow Palin, who called someone a "faggot" amidst a Facebook conflagration in which every Alaskan child participated: just told TMZ, "The slur used here is one you could hear on the streets of West Hollywood or Chelsea every day of the week. Apparently, it's only a homophobic slur when it comes from the daughter of a conservative female leader." [...]

The group adds, "Make no mistake; this is all about destroying Sarah Palin by any means necessary."

Eh, any famous politician's child who's calling people "faggot" in a public forum would hear plenty about it, as would his or her parents. Sure, she's only 16, but can you imagine if Malia or Sasha Obama called someone a "faggot" on any dumb website? Sixty days of New York Post covers, at least — all calling Barack Obama a vicious homophobe the likes of which this world has never seen.

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