Today People magazine announced that the title of "Sexiest Man Alive" belongs to Ryan Reynolds. Yeah, he's hot, but we can do better than that. We want to know who makes your loins quiver.

Yes, Ryan Reynolds is handsome, has an amazing body, and isn't the worst actor in the world. But he's so typically handsome that the choice just seems so obvious. There are some other good selections on People's preliminary list like Jake Gyllenhaal, Jon Hamm, and True Blood ab-meister Joe Mananiello, but these are also very expected. Salon came up with a decent alternative list but dubbed Russell Brand the hottest guy alive. Yeah, he has a certain sex appeal, but is not very attractive.

Where is Inception star Tom Hardy or actor Gael Garcia Bernal? What about venture capitalist Peter Thiel (hot, rich, and gay!) or soccer player Carlos Bocanegra? I'll admit that I think Survivor host Jeff Probst is unsufferably sexy, and I don't know why and am slightly ashamed of it.

Help us make a list of our own sexiest dudes on the planet. Which man do you think is the sexiest thing going? Who do you have a crush on that defies all explanation? Let us know in the comments, and please provide us with some pictures (preferably shirtless) that we can Photoshop ourselves into later.