Click to view New York Assembleyman Felix Ortiz feels so strongly about protecting his constituents from the poison Four Loko that he put his own life at risk by drinking it, on TV. Thank goodness a doctor was on hand.

Ortiz has long lobbied local grocers in Brooklyn to take Four Loko off their shelves, citing the well known fact that admixtures of caffeine and alcohol lead inevitably to violence, teen pregnancy, hair loss, and death. So New York's local NBC station basically said, "OK, Mr. Assemblyman, if Four Loko's so bad, why don't you drink as much of it as you can in one hour while we film it?", which makes no sense at all. But Ortiz took them up on the "Four Loko Challenge," because it is a way to get on TV. So he took off his shoes and shirt and downed two-and-a-half cans of the stuff while the cameras rolled and a doctor monitored his heartbeat and blood pressure. Long story short: Four Loko tastes like shit, and "at this point we have to stop filming as Ortiz begins vomiting."

Next week, the staunchly anti-drug Ortiz will smoke as much crack as he can in one hour.