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Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld talked about technology in an interview with The Business of Fashion. He says he doesn't use it, but that Facebook is "a flawless object." That's when it's clear he has no idea what he's talking about.

The Chanel designer told the site: "Facebook is a flawless object. For me it's like a Brancusi." Then he says that someone gave him a "Facebook" in white gold.

Um, Karl, we know that you get all sorts of lavish gifts that we just can't understand, but how did someone give you a Facebook? That just doesn't make sense. Maybe he's confusing a Facebook with an iPad? Likening the device to a beautiful sculpture and having one in white gold might be a bit more understandable if that were the case. Either way, he says that he doesn't use any devices, but he makes his assistants use them for him. That seems kind of reactionary, but in the future we will probably all have to employ people to figure out our gadgets for us. Even when he is completely befuddled, Uncle Karl is still the most fashion-forward man in the room. [The Business of Fashion via The Cut]