Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin recently received an adorable puppy as a gift from Bulgaria. He wants to rename it. So Putin has turned over the task of naming his new dog to "all Russians." Though you can participate, too!

The dog used to be called Yorgo, which seems like a pretty good name to us. But it's not good enough for Putin, who is Prime Minister of Russia and the seventh branch of its armed forces. According to RT, his press secretary indicated that "all Russians can submit dog names via the Internet and Putin will look though them all."

So, since this is the internet, we invite you to submit a name! The Village Voice's Foster Kamer has some suggestions here. Obviously, "Puprestroika" would have some resonance, but we also think "Monty" is a great name for a dog, frankly, even if it has nothing to do with Russia.

Though, hey, if Putin wants to go in a different direction, here's a whole list of names that would be great for the dog.

[RT, image via AP]