What was Sarah Palin's daughter Willow up to during the premiere of her family's new TLC reality show, Sarah Palin's Alaska? According to TMZ, she was engaged in an epic Facebook war about the show. There are screenshots!

Apparently, a kid named "Tre," who went to school with Bristol and Willow Palin, was not a fan of the show, which he said—and I'm quoting—"is failing soo hard right now." Bristol objected to his characterization. And Willow (TMZ describes her as "the baby bear defending Mama Grizzly") joined in, calling one of her interlocutors "so gay" and another "such a faggot." (TMZ's source says she "normally doesn't use this type of language.") I guess this is how sixteen-year-olds talk on Facebook? Or, uh, everywhere? Hurrah, America.

Willow, by the way, is the Palin daughter whose trashing of a vacant house in Wasilla prompted vicious small-town drama. Here's the full, spirited discussion. Note that there's no specific proof that this is actually Willow and Bristol Palin (I mean: Why black out their last names? And Willow invokes "Matt" before he comments? And why "/b/"ackup?), but if it's not... what a bizarre, elaborate hoax, right? Update: In a Facebook post late Tuesday, Bristol Palin apologized for "react[ing] to negative comments about our family," apparently confirming the veracity of these screenshots. (Judging by this screenshot from 4chan, the reason the Palins' last names are blacked out is because they use fake last names for their Facebook accounts.)

Update: Gay Conservatives Come to Willow Palin's Defense

[TMZ and HuffPo. Photo of Willow via AP. ]