Sarah Palin's reality show Sarah Palin's Alaska is a big hit. Over five million tuned in for the debut! Why aren't all politicians making money this way? Let's run through some other possible shows starring political figures.

Legends of the Hidden Mitt Romney Temple

Since Mitt Romney, in cahoots with Glenn Beck and Orrin Hatch, has a secret Mormon plot to take over the government. Maybe he could tell us a bit about what happens inside those temples for once?

The Last of Carl Paladino

Notable idiot Carl Paladino, the recently defeated New York gubernatorial candidate, told his followers on Election Night, "You haven't heard the last of Carl Paladino." Well, put a camera on the guy until we have.

Who Is Jill Biden?

Does anyone in the country know anything about our Second Lady, Jill Biden, except that she's a teacher? No? Well, let's spy on her—everywhere.

John McCain's 'Zip It!'

The two most famous ladies in Sen. John McCain's life— wife Cindy and daughter Meghan—love gay people. John McCain doesn't! Watch every week as the gals choose a different LGBT cause to champion until the old man stumbles in and barks "zip it!".

Mythbusters: Can a Democrat Physically Fold?

Try folding these humans into a petite carry-on suitcase, a new one each week. It will always work out in the end! (Warning: This show could be very violent.)

The Biggest Chris Christie

Get it? Because he's fat? Right. Anyway, New Jersey's governor needs three plump children each day to put in his tummy. What would be a good price for your little ones, Mom and Dad? (During a recession, the offers usually come in way under budget! Here's the answer to your 10 p.m. troubles, NBC.)

MTV Spring Break: Tea Party Freshmen Edition

Send our fun new Republican members of Congress to a beach in the enemy country, Mexico, for a week of wild hookups! Sean Duffy and Kristi Noem: Call your agents at once!

[Photo of Palin via TLC. Other photos via Getty]