So maybe weed is bad for you, but on the other hand, drinking is good for you! If you're a middle-aged woman having a drink or two in the afternoon. Which—let's be honest—you are.

The American Heart Association has always said ladies shouldn't have more than one drink a day, for health purposes. After considering some new research, they're like, fuck it—have two (at most)! The WSJ reports:

Women who reported having one to two drinks most days of the week had a 28% increase in the chance of "successfully surviving" to at least age 70 compared with non-drinkers. Like other studies, Dr. Sun found women drinking most days of the week were more likely to be healthier than women who drank one or two days a week.

Heck, have a few more and you'll be able to forget that "walking 30 minutes a day confers more health benefits than does drinking."

In other good health news for women today: that Jamie Lee Curtis yogurt really does help with your diarrhea.
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