Today we talked about the serious and never-endingly controversial topic of circumcision. Should he be, shouldn't he be, etc. Some parents worry their sons will get made fun of by other boys if they're not. Not so, says one commenter!

From Kogo:

Something: I occasionally hear it voiced about that boys should be cut because otherwise "other boys will laugh at them in the locker room".

Not only is this not correct, I can immediately tell it's a woman's opinion since it evidences a fundamental misunderstanding of the sociology of men's locker rooms.

It works like this: In a locker room, the ABSOLUTE code is "We are not naked. No matter how naked we are, we are all to ACT as if we are not naked." (I believe Michael J. Nelson of MST3K fame codified this.)

And if you make a comment about a fat kid or a kid with weird birthmark on his ass or a joke about Mr. Anteater the uncut kid over there, all eyes—and all scorn—shall be heaped upon YOU, not the would-be target of your japes. Because you just admitted that *you looked*.

So, ladies: Consider yourselves now made privy to secret knowledge.