Ryan Narita was a stockroom employee at American Apparel in Canada. Last week, he quit. Angrily! On his way out he sent a "peace out american apparel" email that's now circulating throughout the company. We have it for you. [UPDATED]

According to our tipster—also an AA employee in Canada—"Shitty H/O is trying to shut it down by firing people who forward it, so of course I thought I'd email it to you guys. (And just so you know, every single person that I work with agrees to it.)" Enjoy.

From: Ryan Narita
Sent: Wed 11/10/2010 9:59 AM
To: [A half dozen entire AA stores]
Subject: peace out american apparel... peace out forever.

Dear fellow american apparel employees,

First off I'd like to say working for this company for the most part was pretty fun! I've made some excellent friends and met some really cool people. Working for american apparel has opened up many interesting opportunities for me and I am thankful for that. I am also thankful for all my past managers district, store, and backstock(al boyle) I was lucky enough to have kind , thoughtful, intelligent people leading the way.

That said I'd like to share a little of my story.

A little over a year ago when I started with this company I was (although not by my standards) a prime candidate for management. Within my first week I memorized all proper procedures, knew all placements, style codes and any technical aspect of the job. I was even helping my backstock manager with his duties. Being naturally a hard worker, well organized, and to some extent obsessive compulsive helped me to excel easily at my job. As months passed and my responsibilities grew exponentially I received little reward for both my hard work and aptitude. I could already feel the stupidity of 9 dollars an hour. But I sucked up my pride to work with cool friendly people. I'll try to condense this a little..

Around 2 months in: I was given the title 'assistant backstock manager' and promised a small but reasonable raise. No such raise came.
Around 5 months in: my backstock manager was fired. And instead of promoting me(second in command) to manager they brought in someone who 1. Had worked two months less than me. 2. Knew less about the job. 3. Knew nothing about our store.
Around 7 months in: my backstock manager was once again fired. And once again replaced by someone with less knowledge, and less experience. However, this time my new backstock manager was completely incompetent and entirely unproductive. Although he was good at playing the drums. wwabd.
Around 8 months in: to everyone's surprise he too was fired(sarcasm)

I thought finally they will make the obvious choice and make me the new backstock manager and I will finally get paid more than 9 dollars an hour for this stupid job.

Around 8.5 months in: I am once again stepped over and another outside person is brought in to be promoted..
By this point I had been screwed too many times to care about my job. I simply concluded that by nature this company is counter productive. Someone might ask why I would be so resentful? If you worked full time for a company for a full year at 9 dollars an hour I could only assume you must be mentally retarded. I however was given a raise of 75 cents so that only makes me partially mentally retarded.

The moral of my story is don't give a shit about the company because they definitely do not give a shit about you! That is obvious.

I'd also like to share a couple more secrets I've learned over the past year:

- don't be afraid to lose your job. if some shit for brains ass hole like dov or dan sends a quiver down your spine then I truly pity you. they are just men. Stupid spoiled jewish men. Losing 9 dollars an hour is nothing to be afraid of. Certainly nothing worth losing your dignity over. Which brings me to my next point.

- all "head office" employees(with the exception of dom. He is competent) are nothing to fear. These are people with no ambitions nor goals in life. they are content with being the subservient pet of an idiot cocaine addict and blatant self proclaimed pervert. They know they will go no further in life than this company and concurrently don't mind sucking a little dick once in a while .

- [Other person] is incompetent. [Other person] is useless. [Other person] is a moron. [Other person] is satan incarnate. Ignore her whenever you get the chance.

- Dov charney is an ethical pervert. THAT is why you do perfect fill..

- If you are a hard working valuable employee ask for a raise now.(if you do not receive a raise within three weeks guess what? You'll never get one.)

- You may ask whatever you want to pretty much anyone in charge, you will receive little to no response you WILL be ignored.

- the company may ask whatever they want of you then place the word "mandatory" after it, If you do not comply you WILL be fired.

- this is just a job you do so you can get drunk on the weekend and have food to eat during the week . it's not a career do not disillusion yourself in thinking otherwise.

sincerely Ryan Narita


Update: Ryan Narita emailed us to "dispel a few mis understandings." He writes:

-for one thing i AM NOT anti-semitic.... the only reason i stated that dov and dan(the ceo and canadian head of the company)
are jewish is because dan for one is notorious for taking every jewish holiday off... yet tells his employees to work day and night til his needs are met. ironically we were not payed time and a half for working on thanksgiving nor were we payed time and half on canada day. dov i know although a scrappy hard working man is undoubtedly in my mind raised (as most jewish kids in montreal) extremely spoiled and with a silver spoon in his mouth. i am not racist being of obvious ethnicity myself i don't understand how i could possibly discriminate anything by a color or sect ...

-i do still like american apparel clothing. it doesn't mean i like the way the company is run and who is in charge of it. having worked there for the past year my wardrobe is mainly aa clothing.. it's kind of hard to just one day turn the switch and decide to burn all my clothes if i've been conditioned into wearing them daily. that said i'm not dropping by my local american apparel any time soon.

that pretty much covers my two issues. thanks again for posting my email! i am a local celebrity now hahahahaha