Soap Operas are having some trouble these days, and yet NBC's Days of Our Lives keeps going strong, even getting a new 3 year renewal. The secret to their success? Copious and ridiculous product placement! Five hilarious examples inside.

In truth, product placement has always been a large part of the soap opera, they got the "soap" moniker because they were originally all sponsored by detergents and dish soaps in order to appeal to their main demographic. But things have gotten a little crazy, like this product placement for Chex Mix, which involves a midnight picnic and the old "oops I spilled on your shirt, take it off so we can clean it" routine.

This product placement barely even pretends to be part of the show, the actors may as well have turned to the camera and addressed it directly.

I don't know why they would ask a child actor to remember "Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters," it doesn't really highlight the product's name recognition, but it is pretty funny.

And then there's Cheerios, which has clearly become a major backer of Days, giving us not one but two hilarious product placement scenes. Both highlight how Cheerios is great for your health, this first one also mentions that it's great for prepping for "swim suit season."

In this one, "Bo" also throws in a forgotten doctor visit, some studies he's been reading and parrots lines from a Cheerios commercial.