The most prolific eater of our time, Takeru Kobayashi, owns the world records for eating hot dogs, hamburgers and meat balls. But last night in Brooklyn he failed in his attempt to be the world's greatest pizza eater. What happened?

Gothamist was on the scene yesterday at the Amnet New York Japan Arts Matsuri, where the event took place, and they have the gripping details:

The pie that Kobayashi ate weighed 364 grams, but that didn't seem to be what kept the former Nathan's Hot Dog Champion from setting the record. After cutting his 12" pie into 16 smallish, slices, Kobayashi was ready for the contest to begin. It was immediately evident that he was having trouble with the conditions of the pizza. He chose to eat each piece by folding it in half length-wise (not the standard New York fold), piercing the pizza with his fork and then cramming the slice into his mouth. On several occasions, the pizza fell from his fork and at one point, Kobayashi had to fix his fork, which was bent while picking up pizza.

Kobayashi said afterward that the pizza was "too soft." Next month, he'll try to redeem himself by taking a shot at the lamb pot stew eating record in Taiwan. If he fails, we could be witnessing the steady decline of a champion.

[Image via AP]