Heidi Klum attended the Black Swan premiere in the signature dress from Project Runway runner-up Mondo Guerra's collection. When Heidi defended the dress on the show, fellow judge Nina Garcia snorted, "I'd like to see you wear that dress, Klum."

Wish granted. Here's Heidi wearing a sleeveless version of Mondo's dress, which she thought was good enough to secure Mondo the win.

Meanwhile, Nina's pick for the Project Runway victory—universally loathed winner-villainess Gretchen Jones—has yet to place a dress on the red carpet. Grrr! Gretchen! We hate Gretchen! Below, a video Gretchen made for Nina's magazine, Marie Claire, acknowledging how much she sucks.

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Grrr! We don't just hate Gretchen, now, we hate Marie Claire, too! [Image via Getty]