Friday is the most exciting day, because it means drinking, yes, but also movies! What should you see? Well, there are twee indies, a commercial-sweet romantic comedy, and a thriller about an unstoppable train that will probably prove stoppable.

Morning Glory
The always lovable Rachel McAdams stars as a harried (is there no more annoying and painfully ubiquitous character trait in the romantic comedy than a harried career woman?) newbie morning show producer who smooshes two old people together and falls in love with Patrick Wilson. If you aren't seeing this this weekend you have a malfunction in your giddybone. (Wide release)

Tiny Furniture
Lena Dunham, the Oberlin grad scion of a New York artist family, wrote and directed this bare-bones indie, casting her mom and sister as themselves and filming in the apartment she grew up in. It's about post-college ennui and a sort of boboism that's almost admirable in its unabashedness. (Limited release)

Denzel Washington and Chris Pine have to stop a chemical-filled train that is unstoppable. Presumably, though, not everyone dies, so I guess it is stoppable? Which kind of negates the title. But whatever. Chris Pine! (Wide release)

In this sci-fi adventure, the indestructible Eric Balfour (dude keeps rising again!) tries to head off an alien invasion with the help of Brittany Daniel (Sweet Valley High! the tranny on It's Always Sunny!) and some others. People get sucked into the sky, a la The Forgotten, and there's lots of blue light, a la Independence Day. (Wide release)

Helena from the Wedding
Theater-types Lee Tergesen and Jessica Hecht do the Margot at the Wedding/Rachel Getting Married thing in a movie about a sad playwright and a pretty girl, Helena (Community's Gillian Jacobs), who makes him not sad anymore. So. (Limited release)

Cool It
A Danish skeptic talks about the culture of fear surrounding climate change and urges for, I dunno, rationalism or whatever. So this will do really well. (Limited release)