Ellen Ross—the paparazzi-friendly Jon Gosselin girlfriend who demanded Taco Bell fire employees for looking at Jon the wrong way—has a blog where she gives advice, mostly about boyfriends and chihuahuas.

"I don't have a degree, I am just offering my 2 cents based off of my personal life experiences," Ellen Ross explains on her blog, entitled "Ask Away…" Ellen's primary areas of expertise are boyfriends and yappy dogs, but she also has a thing or two to say about dealing with other bloggers who make fun of you or your loved ones. Dating a Gosselin, she deals with this quite a bit, you see:

Ellen's blog falls into that disappointing netherworld of inoffensive boringness, so we can neither ridicule its stupidity nor marvel at its quality. But it's important to record these things, anyway, because if a tree falls in a Gosselin forest and nobody is there to blog it, Jon and Kate might cease to exist, and then eight little children would be orphans! You don't want that to happen, do you?

Besides, Jon Gosselin's love life has always been a bit, um, disappointing. [Ask Away... via Celebitchy]