Who: Georgina is the horse-obsessed younger daughter of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Backstory: Georgina is Mike Bloomberg's second daughter with Susan Brown, his British first wife. She was raised in the Bloomberg townhouse on 79th Street—with interludes at her father's lavish residences in Vail, London, Bermuda, and upstate—and attended Spence before moving on to NYU, where she studied art and sports management off and on before graduating at 27. Unlike her more serious-minded sister, Emma Bloomberg, who's now combating poverty at the Robin Hood Foundation, Georgina is a pierced-tongued, frivolity-prone girl-about-town who is as head-over-heels obsessed with equestrianism as her father has variously been with financial software, exercising political influence, and doling out money.

Georgina started saddling up when she was just four; she's now considered one of America's top jumpers and has the generously-sized walk-in closet's worth of show jumping awards to prove it. When she's not riding-or partying—she's often participating in one of her several horse-related extracurricular activities: she's the founder of the Rider's Closet, an organization that provides poor equestrians (do such people exist?) with secondhand riding clothes—she serves as a "product development consultant" for Ariat, a manufacturer of equestrian clothes and accessories. She also volunteers at Claremont Stables, which holds a riding program for disabled children.

Medical file: Being a freak for horses does have its risks. In August 2002, she fell off her horse at the Hampton Classic and broke her back. She wore a brace for six months afterward and had to undergo several years of physical therapy. She had another accident in November 2010 when she fell off a horse and lost consciousness briefly.

Soundbite: Bloomberg's said her last name is actually a drag on her social life: "Having the name Bloomberg doesn't help me in any way…and it really is a disadvantage and takes away from the image I'm trying to portray."

Personal: After dating an Irish equestrian named Declan Orpen, Georgina took up with Cian O'Connor, yet another Irish horseman. When she's in town, she and her bull terrier, Mabel, live in a Nolita penthouse. On weekends, she retires to a 26-acre property in North Salem, which her dad bought for her and her mom for $3.6 million in 2001. Georgina also has a place at a horse-themed development called the Equestrian Club Estates in Palm Beach.

Vital Stats

Full Name: Georgina Bloomberg
Date of Birth: 01/20/1983
Place of Birth: New York, NY
High School: Spence
Undergrad: NYU
Residence(s): New York, NY (Noho); North Salem, NY; Palm Beach, FL
Filed Under: Children of Privilege

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